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Every four to six weeks, we host a networking event called “Coffee with Pillow.” Here you can grab a hot drink, chat with other hosts about short term rentals and hear the latest insights from the Pillow Pros. Past attendees have asked us some great questions, and we thought it would be a good idea to share them. Here are the top 13 FAQs about our services.

1. What type of properties do you manage?

From condos to apartments to family-sized properties, we take the stress out of vacation rental management. In short, we manage entire homes. We’ll manage properties that have a private entrance and meet specific requirements within the property (see Question 9).

2. On which platforms do you market properties?

We market your property across various platforms, including Airbnb. We can also increase the online exposure of your rental on HomeAway and VRBO – both part of Expedia, Inc. – and their affiliated websites. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to renting or already have an existing listing. Let us boost your revenue and revolutionize the way you manage your property.

3. What does your 15 percent service fee cover?

We use the service fee to list and market your property, provide you and your guests with full support, and set up and maintain a smart locking system in your home (we teamed up with August Smart Locks in 2015). We’ll also provide one of our Pillow Packs in your rental, which includes items such as soap, lotion, and shampoo and conditioner.

We’re often asked if cleaning is including in your fee. The answer: No, but the cost of cleaning your property is charged to your guests, meaning you won’t have to pay a dime.

4. How do you boost my rental income?

We boost your rental income an average of 16.5%. Using the latest algorithms, booking rates and pricing strategies (see Question 5), we can increase and optimize your rental income. We utilize a dynamic pricing strategy that increases bookings and fills any last-minute cancellations or open dates.

We also (as mentioned in Question 2), market your rental across multiple booking platforms, ensuring your property has desirable booking rates, that when combined with optimized pricing, yield the best return on your investment.

5. How do you calculate the price of my rental?

Our pricing algorithm automatically sets the price for you. No hassle, no fuss. Our clever data analytics software determines your nightly rate by taking into account factors such as your property’s location, the day of the week, property type, local events, seasonality, and current market trends. If you want to set a different base rate or override our algorithm, that’s fine too! You’re able to control pricing through your homeowner dashboard.

6. How do you market my rental and how much does it cost?

You don’t need to pay extra to market your rental as we’ve included this in your 15 percent service fee. We increase the exposure of your property by creating a listing and profile that will attract more guests to your rental and then listing it across multiple channels for maximum exposure in front of desired audiences.

7. Are there any other fees?

Our monthly membership fee is only $49; however, we’ll waive this if your rental is available for more than 20 nights per month. You’ll also need to pay a $100 set-up fee, but we won’t charge this until your property goes “live.”

In addition, Airbnb charges a 3 percent fee while HomeAway charges 5 percent. Anyone who lists on these platforms is subject to this fee. In addition, there are also transient occupancy taxes to be considered, which vary by area. However, Airbnb works in certain locations to collect these taxes directly from the guest on your behalf, so you needn’t worry about them if your rental resides in one of these locations.

8. How do your fees compare to other services?

Our service cost is the lowest in the industry, especially when compared to companies that let you pick and choose the services you want, or when totaling multiple one-service specialty companies together. Other full-service companies can charge upwards of 30-40 percent and don’t provide the technology or seamless experience that Pillow offers.

9. What does my home need to get started with Pillow?

You need to have a fully furnished unit with curtains in each room where there’s a sleeping surface, a fully functional kitchen, a plunger in each bathroom and Wi-Fi. Each sleeping surface in your rental will need two pillows, a mattress, and a blanket or duvet. You’ll also need short-term rental liability insurance and be government, landlord or homeowner association (HOA) compliant.

10. What do I need to do to use your service?

We strive to make rental management as stress-free as possible. All we ask is that you manage your availability calendar, make changes to your amenities when they occur and ensure your listing is accurate. Aside from that, you can be as involved as you like.

11. What reporting do I get for my rental?

We’ll automatically provide you with a business report for your property every quarter. You’ll also be notified by email or text when a guest confirms a reservation. And at any time, you can view an earnings summary in your owner dashboard on our website or in our app.

12. Will you keep my home safe?

Yes, we take safety very seriously. Digital door locks will provide you with safe and secure access to your home; a unique encrypted entry code will be sent to their smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In addition, on Airbnb, guests are required to have a verified ID in order to make a reservation.

13. I want to stay in my rental. How do I do this?

You can manage your calendar through your owner dashboard and easily block off dates if you want to book your rental for yourself, friends or family.

Want to get started? Click here now to sign up and schedule a demo.

If you still have questions, come join us at one of our “Coffee with Pillow” networking events. Find out more by visiting our Eventbrite profile. For even more questions answered, visit Pillow’s FAQ page.

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