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The world’s most lavish penthouse suites are full of the latest gadgets, gizmos, and technological wonders. While you might not be able to equip your vacation rental with a Jacuzzi or bowling alley, there are plenty of affordable tech essentials that will keep your guests coming back for more. Here are 10 of the best tech items.

1. August Smart Lock

Revolutionize your check-in system with this digital, keyless locking gadget. You can create virtual keys for guests staying in your property and provide remote access to your home. You can also monitor guests who enter and exit your property and create unique key codes for each visitor. August systems minimize guest lockouts, provides safe and secure access to your property and reduces the hassles involved with exchanging keys. August Smart Lock works with the August app, available on iOS and Android devices.

2. Apple TV

Keep your guests entertained with Apple TV, a digital streaming media player that’s compatible with apps such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. Download apps to your device, such as Yelp, which allows travelers to find bars, restaurants, museums and other attractions in your area on the big screen and from the comfort of your couch. The Travel Channel app provides original travel- and leisure-related content while game apps, such as Beat Sports and Disney Infinity, provide guests with entertainment when staying at your property.

3. Smart thermostats

A Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat can keep your guests feeling warm or cool when staying in your home, providing a fully automated, personalized experience that lets users control the temperature of your rental throughout the day. The Nest Learning Thermostat utilizes algorithms to customize the heating and air conditioning in your home and will even send you reports about energy usage. Control and program the digital thermostat from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to save money on your energy bills.

4. Wireless sound systems

Place a wireless sound system in your rental so guests can listen to their favorite music and radio stations via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With no wires connecting the speakers to the sound system, your guests will be able to position the unit anywhere in the house. Wireless systems are easy to set up and install, and guests can stream digital music via their smartphone or tablet. Some of the world’s biggest electronic brands have manufactured these products, which offer the same audio quality as the best traditional speakers. Some can even double as a sound machine for your light sleeping guests.

5. Game consoles

Incorporating a game console into your home gives you an advantage over other vacation rentals in your area and might be a feature you want to advertise in your property listing. You can place the latest game platform in a bedroom or in the lounge in your property to attract visitors who love gaming. Alternatively, install a retro console with classic games in your rental for some unique fun.

6. Space heaters

Keep your guests feeling warm when they stay at your property in the winter with a space heater, the ultimate heating source if you don’t have modern heating systems in your unit. A space heater warms an enclosed area in your rental and comes with technological features such as automatic shut-off and motion sensors, which automatically switch the unit off when a guest comes into contact with the item. Looking for more ways to winter-proof your rental? Check out these seven tips.

7. Philips Hue

Philips Hue lets you control the lighting in your vacation property using the latest smartphone technology. Manage the brightness and timing of your lights with this wireless system, which enables you to sync Philips Hue LED Bulbs with your iOS device and ask Siri to change their color. Use mood lighting to create a warm and welcoming interior space for your guests when they arrive at your property.

8. Vitamix

Your guests can save money on meals by preparing their own homemade recipes in your kitchen with a Vitamix blender. With the product’s variable speed feature, visitors can create delicious soups in fewer than 10 minutes or transform fruits into ice cream or sorbet dishes. The Vitamix is the fun, flexible kitchen accessory that lets your guests make healthy food when on vacation, and doesn’t require pulling out the entire kitchen to make a meal.

9. Universal adapters and charging systems

If a guest has forgotten to bring his or her travel adapter on vacation, provide them with a solution. Universal adapters and charging systems enable your visitors to charge their smartphones and tablets when in your home, regardless of the make or model of their device. Place one of these gadgets in each guest room.

10. Water purifiers

Water purifiers are a no-brainer kitchen accessory for vacation rentals to give your guests peace of mind. Purifiers filter contaminants from water, which can prevent viral and bacterial infections and diseases. Purifiers that attach to your sink faucet have the biggest awe-factor and are the easiest to care for.

Transform your interior space with tech gear that makes your property listing more attractive to potential customers. These 10 gadgets and gizmos will keep your guests connected, entertained and healthy. Need help with your vacation listing? Here at Pillow, we optimize your page to boost bookings and increase the visibility of your rental across booking platforms. Rest easy and let Pillow fully manage your short term rental!

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