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[Infographic]: Guide to Short-Term Rentals in San Francisco

Confused about short term rentals in San Francisco? Becoming a compliant short term rental host is a great way to safely make some extra money, and the process doesn’t have to require tons of sweat or months of effort. This guide will explain the existing city regulations and provide easy ways to stay compliant as a short term rental host including quarterly reports, business certificates and host certificates. Keep reading to learn about how short term rentals are taxed, and find out about requirements for insurance and liability. This guide will also share statistics about San Francisco’s short term rental market collected from Airbnb. Learn more about what times of the year are more popular for rentals and find out how much money a short term renter can expect to make in this market. After reading this helpful infographic, it might feel like a no-brainer to start renting out your property short term.

[Click image for full size version]

San Francisco guide to Airbnb including regulations, compliance and insurance. See short-term rental performance in San Francisco to.

Pillow, a San Francisco- based company powers short-term rentals in multifamily properties, allowing building owners to have control and transparency over short-term rentals while enabling their residents to make money from renting their units short term on Airbnb.

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