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Summer is a lucrative season for vacation rental hosts: An impressive 17 million guests stayed in Airbnb properties in summer 2015. Saturday, August 8, was the platform’s most successful day ever, as more than one million people stayed in Airbnb beachside condos, city-center apartments and country cottages. Summer 2016 is just around the corner and is expected to bring more of the same. Now’s the time to start preparing your short term rental to make sure it’s summer-proof and ready to earn you the most from summer travelers.

1. Keeping it Cool

As temperatures skyrocket in many parts of the country this summer, provide your guests with a refreshingly cool stream of air. Plan ahead and inspect your current air conditioning unit, and call in a professional if you come across any problems. Don’t forget to place fans in each of your bedrooms, as they can supplement your existing system.

When it comes to other fixtures in your rental, such as doors, locks and appliances, preventative maintenance is imperative, especially if you didn’t inspect your property in the winter. Take the time to scrutinize every piece of equipment in your home – including smoke alarms, and electrical fixtures and appliances – before summer guests arrive at your home.

2. Prepare Windows and Screens

Check for leaks and cracks in windows and screens that might have occurred during the winter. Here are a couple of tips: Weather stripping covers gaps in windows and fiberglass will fix tears in ripped screens. From an aesthetic point of view, ensure that natural summer sun flows through your property. Clean those windows inside and out to remove dirt and grime caused by the winter weather. Consider also replacing dreary curtains with bright roller blinds that’ll let guests control the amount of light that enters your home.

3. Sit Down, Relax, and Enjoy

Unsightly patio furniture can instantly turn a dream rental into a nightmare and puts a damper on that beautiful outdoor space your guests were hoping to enjoy. Filthy fittings are among rental guests’ biggest pet peeves and failing to replace old chairs, sun loungers, and cushions could jeopardize your star ratings. While you’re at it, don’t forget to clean up or replace furniture inside your rental too.

A spotless space can go a long way. Cleanliness is one of the prerequisites to earning Airbnb Superhost and Business Travel Ready badges – leading to increased reservations and repeat bookings for your rental.

4. The Summer is Best Spent Outdoors

In an Airbnb survey, 93 percent of respondents in Paris said they want to “live like a local.” For many guests, this includes cooking their own meals in addition to visiting local restaurants. Give your guests the opportunity to have a BBQ. Providing a grill for your guests and advertising it on your property listing will entice prospective guests who want an authentic summer experience. Other summer essentials include a time-controlled sprinkler system to keep your yard looking great and a covered area, like an umbrella, to provide a bit of shade.

These four tips will get your property headed toward delighting your summer guests and earning more from your short term rental. For additional tips and tricks follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or subscribe to our blog!

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