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You’ve learned a little about the Pillow team in the introductory post of Pillow Break, but perhaps you’re still curious about our team? Well, besides our passion for travelling and hospitality, we also love to volunteer! As a local Bay Area start-up, we strive to give back to our hometown and its residents, big and small.


If you’ve ever volunteered in San Francisco, chances are you’ve probably heard about or worked with Project Open Hand at some point in the past. As an established nonprofit organization, Project Open Hand has prepared nutritious meals to the critically ill and seniors for over 30 years. Every month, members of the Pillow team volunteer to assist in the preparation of these homemade meals whether it’s peeling pounds of fruits or chopping boxes of vegetables.


Besides Project Open Hand, the Pillow Team has also volunteered with a number of local organizations, including Muttville. In addition to rescuing senior dogs, Muttville also provides valuable information to dog-owners on how to take care of their aging pets. While volunteering at Muttville, members of the Pillow Team assisted in some administrative duties and of course playing with adorable dogs!

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