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November 5, 2017

We are extremely excited to announce a new milestone for Pillow as we partner with Airbnb to bring short-term rentals to multifamily buildings.

What exactly does this partnership mean for building owners and residents?

Multifamily owners who sign up for Airbnb’s Friendly Buildings Program will now also have access to our next-level management software and support currently provided by Pillow only to its multifamily partners. Furthermore, the residents of these buildings can now participate in compliant home-sharing and generate extra income.

“Together, Pillow and Airbnb can give landlords and tenants access to the best services and make home sharing better and easier for everyone,” said Jaja Jackson, Director of Global Multifamily Housing Partnerships at Airbnb.

Veritas Investments, San Francisco’s largest apartment building owner which specializes in mixed-use multifamily, will be the first to participate in this partnership to encourage compliant short-term rentals among its residents. Veritas is set to roll out a pilot group of five buildings in San Francisco for the first six months to test out this initiative.

With this partnership, Airbnb has signed an agreement to introduce landlords in their Friendly Buildings Program to Pillow’s suite of services, including the tools and technology necessary to obtain all information about hosting in their buildings. There are already over 13,000 units enrolled in the Airbnb Friendly Buildings program. The Friendly Buildings Program essentially enables tenants to rent out their units in exchange for sharing some of the revenue with their landlords, which can then be used to finance amenity upgrades in their buildings. Pillow will now be able to work together with Airbnb to effectively onboard buildings and educate them about the value of home-sharing as well as create tailored lease addendums to further support compliant short-term rentals.

“Demand for home sharing among renters keeps growing, and we anticipate a day when Pillow will be on every renters’ checklist as a must-have, alongside amenities like air conditioning or high-speed internet,” said Sean Conway, CEO of Pillow.  “This partnership with Airbnb is a logical next step in making this vision a reality, and Veritas is a trailblazer, we’re proud to be a part of offering the best solutions for their residents.”

Veritas Investments also seemed excited at the idea of a structured short-term rental program. “We reached out to and surveyed residents, and there’s a great deal of interest in this new aspect of the ‘sharing economy,’’ said Yat-Pang Au, CEO of Veritas Investments.  “This well-supported home-sharing program of Airbnb and Pillow can help our residents with affordability and could further differentiate our properties.”

We are excited to work together with Airbnb to introduce home-sharing in a way that meaningfully impacts our San Francisco communities. As a company, Pillow strongly believes in opening doors to new opportunities for everyone, including access to nice, and otherwise expensive apartments. We’re confident that this partnership will help us carry out our company’s mission and bring the sharing economy to everyone.


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