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Silicon Valley: America’s tech innovation capital. From Apple to Google to Facebook,  some of the biggest names in tech call this region “home.” But aside from the tech, what else does the South Bay have to offer the common visitor? Well, now that summer is just around the corner, local festivities will become an even greater attraction for travelers from all over.

Besides multi-day festivals such as the Taco Festival of Innovation or  FanimeCon, traditional amusement parks such as California’s Great America, Boomerang Bay, and Raging Waters will see their numbers skyrocket as summer approaches. If you’re a homeowner in the Silicon Valley area, the upcoming months are a prime time for you to increase your revenue as demand for housing accommodations will rise significantly.

To date, San Jose alone has almost 500 listings of which approximately 30% are for entire homes. Compared to hotel rooms, the median nightly rate for these homes are $179, offering travelers more for their money’s worth. So if you’re interested in making more this peak travel season, let Pillow do the hard work for you.

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