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Last month, Pillow hosted an on-site launch with two Prometheus Cupertino Airbnb friendly buildings; Prometheus’s Cupertino Park Center and City Center Apartments. Two of our employees, Tyler Clemens and Eliot Mueting, spoke with dozens of residents throughout the event. Residents enjoyed snacks, drinks, and free promotional items while learning more about our short-term rental service. Some residents even signed up to host with us right there on the spot!

Benefits of an On-Site Launch

Our launch events are designed to be casual and fun with a happy hour vibe. Launch events serve two main purposes; to help introduce residents to this new and exciting amenity and to show them how to get started with Airbnb and Pillow. To help residents get excited about Pillow, we bring along tons of swag, including sunglasses, pens, shirts, lock boxes and key chains with information about our service. Once residents have learned about Pillow, our team is also there to help them register to list their apartment on Airbnb or onboard with Pillow if they’ve already been renting their unit out. “The building staff was so excited to be able to offer Pillow as an amenity. I’m confident with their excitement and how proactive they were, we will see more residents sign up,” said Clemens.

The signup process takes less than two minutes to complete for residents whose buildings have already signed up. At the event, we sent residents to enroll their units at their community’s specific enrollment page & respectively. In just moments, residents could on-board with Pillow and be ready to rent their Cupertino Park Center or City Center Apartment.

“That sign-up was super easy, and this is perfect for us, as we have many trips planned for this summer,” said resident Ashley Harris, who signed up for Pillow during the event.

Prometheus Cupertino Airbnb Friendly Buildings

About Prometheus

The Prometheus Cupertino apartment buildings are in a very desirable location for short-term rentals. Located just 10 minutes away from Apple headquarters, these luxurious apartments are a popular choice for vacations and short-term work trips. Previously, the building did not allow Airbnb rentals. Now, thanks to Prometheus, Cupertino Airbnb Friendly Buildings are more accessible than ever.

How Prometheus is Already Benefiting from Pillow

Before Pillow, Staff members would walk around the building, looking for residents breaking the rules by renting to short-term guests. The management company would also spend time scanning Airbnb to look for listings from the building. Using Pillow and benefiting from the control and transparency that this service has allowed them into the short-term rental market, building staff have time to spend elsewhere on more important things.


Launch events like the one we hosted for Prometheus in Cupertino, are a great way to get residents onboard at their new Airbnb friendly buildings. The events are fun and educational and give residents the opportunity to get comfortable with the idea of making money with their short-term rentals with help from their building management. “The people we talked to were all very supportive and curious about the new amenity. The onsite staff was very excited about being able to offer Pillow, and they stopped by the event multiple times to talk to the residents and encourage them to learn more about Pillow,” said Mueting.

About Pillow

Pillow is solving short-term rentals for multifamily properties, allowing building owners and property managers to have control and transparency over short-term rentals while enabling their residents to rent their units short-term on Airbnb. When someone books a short-term rental reservation with a resident, building owners are earning 10 percent of each booked reservation allowing them to invest back into their communities or help cover management expenses. Additionally, building owners receive daily and weekly short-term rental activity reports with key reservation information including dates, guests’ names and contact information. Landlords can also leverage Pillow’s Vacant Unit module to manage and monetize vacant units. With Pillow, landlords can rent out their empty units for a few nights at a time to make the most of this valuable asset. Pillow charges an 8 percent fee per completed reservation: the average property manager can make 10-30 percent more than typical market value by offering short-term rentals in addition to traditional leases. All in all, Pillow offers a one stop shop for managing short term rentals in multifamily buildings. With one service, you can offer your residents the flexibility to do the same and easily monetize your vacant units.

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