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Smart property managers know that multifamily buildings are an ideal location for short-term rentals. By 2020, Airbnb’s yearly revenues are expected to top $8.5 billion. Short-term rental guests recognize that Airbnb rentals are typically cheaper than staying in a hotel, and know that short term rental properties tend to provide a more home-like, authentic experience. In particular, short-term rental guests appreciate that the locations, amenities and security features that come with established multifamily community buildings. As a building manager, however, it can feel like a tough situation. How do you capitalize on this new market and technology -and allow your residents to do the same- while still maintaining control and transparency? Pillow, an easy to use, all inclusive solution, truly is the differentiator between successful multifamily short term rental programs, and short-term rental programs that fall flat. Pillow’s holistic solution makes all the difference in a successful short term rental program.

One stop shop

Pillow offers a robust, resident centric program. Residents can upload pictures and a description of their property, and Pillow’s Listing Assistant tool will automatically create a professional listing for the unit on Airbnb. Hosts can create “guest guides” with all the pertinent information regarding their unit (building rules, wifi passwords, or how to enter the unit, for example) which will then be sent out to guests 24 hours before their stay. On the platform, residents can easily access and sign up for turnover services to keep their units rental-ready. Additionally, resident hosts can utilize the Revenue Tracker tool to keep an eye on how much money they’ve made through completed reservations and forecast future earnings. The Pillow platform also allows residents to easily maintain their calendars and ensure that all rentals meet their preferences. Residents can choose check-in and check-out times, enforce a cancellation policy, add additional rules beyond those of the building and designate a minimum and maximum number of nights for stays. As a property owner, you can utilize more than just the control and transparency functions of the Pillow platform. Pillow makes it easy to rent out any vacant units short-term. This is a fantastic way to monetize an asset that you likely already have. You’ll be able to see which nights are most popular and plan your vacant unit rentals accordingly to maximize your earnings.

Resident Activation

Pillow makes it easy right from the start. A sophisticated resident activation playbook combines technology and experience to activate resident hosts in a building. This program is transparent and mindful of site management needs but requires no additional effort from property managers. Property managers can rest easy knowing that their rules are followed without having to individually monitor each tenant.

Experienced Client Success Team

Pillow’s dedicated Client Success Team brings years of experience helping multifamily owners and building managers implement, manage and get the most possible out of the platform. As a Pillow client, you’ll work with a dedicated Client Success representative through the implementation and launch of your property. Pillow’s Client Success Team offers a streamlined onboarding process to reduce the time and resources you’ll need to put in. Our team makes it easy to get started with Pillow and keeps you continually supported to make sure you’re getting the most out of your short-term rental program. You’ll never have to face the short-term rental process alone!

Cleaning Platform

Pillow’s cleaning turnover software is just another way to prove that the team really did think of it all. In markets like Seattle, Dallas and Louisville, Pillow’s turnover tools make it easy for short-term hosts to schedule thorough cleanings after each rental. With this offering, hosts can easily schedule turndown services to help ensure their homes are spotless after each rental. The software allows hosts to message cleaning professionals to help create a turnkey experience by having their units will be rental-ready, and then spotless again upon their arrival home. Pillow will connect hosts with cleaning professionals who are able to clean thoroughly around the detailed instructions you provide. Host’s typically ask cleaners for beds to be made with clean linens, if provided, and all trash, recycling and left-behind items will be removed as well. Rental guests will enjoy a unit left in tiptop shape, hosts will love to return to a clean home and as a building manager, you’ll know that your units are well-maintained between guests.

Mobile App for Residents

Pillow’s mobile app is the most popular ways that renters utilize their short-term rental programs. Upon sign up, Pillow will detect if residents have an existing Airbnb listing for their unit. If so, Pillow will easily merge the two profiles so that you can manage everything from one simple location. If you’re not on Airbnb, you can quickly and easily create a listing on the Pillow app and get going from there. On Pillow’s app, residents can set prices, maintain a calendar and message guests and cleaners. The app also allows residents to easily ensure that they are in compliance with any restrictions on short-term rentals set by property managers. If there’s a maximum number of nights that a property can be rented out each year, residents can easily keep track on the app. Residents will also be able to track their earnings from completed bookings and forecast future earnings from scheduled rentals. Additionally, Pillow’s app keeps an easy to view calendar to allow short-term rental hosts to view all of their reservations in one place, without even opening their computer!

At the end of the day, Pillow makes all the difference in running a successful short-term rental program. All of the tools needed to thrive in the short-term rental market are available in one easy to use platform. When communities sign up for Pillow, both residents and property managers benefit. If you’re interested in learning more or signing up, contact .

Author: Todd Conway, Co-founder at Pillow

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