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At Pillow, we’re always working to ensure your guests have a great stay. Which is why we’re introducing a new app specifically to make the guest experience smoother. Everything your guests may need to know about their stay will now be available at their fingertips through our new site.




Planning Ahead

  • Guests will be informed about all available amenities for easier packing purposes.
  • Guests will be aware about parking spaces and public transportation options before arriving at your property.







Checking-in Made Simple

  • Guests will be provided with key and access information 48 hours from their scheduled check-in time.






Reporting Issues

  • Guests will be able to report any issues at their rental home directly on this app. We will send someone over right away to fix the problem!




  • Any (additional) questions guests may have will be addressed in this searchable FAQs section.

We know that a great guest experience leads to a happy guest and a happy guest leads to great reviews and a happy host! Thank you for being a valued member of the Pillow network.


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