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Have you ever wondered about the people behind Pillow? Or what makes us so driven in our mission to enable homeowners to earn more while renting out their homes? Well here are some answers as we showcase our amazing team in a new monthly blog installment we’re calling “Pillow Break.” Each month, we’ll highlight two team members who will share with us their experiences renting vacation homes on platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO.

Meg_PillowBreak Meg: “I prefer the homey feel”

When asked why she prefers renting short-term vacation homes, Meg immediately responds she prefers the homey feeling that comes with these places compared with standard hotels. “I can just walk-in and drop my bags without having to check-in at the lobby.”

Later while recounting her recent experience staying at a cabin in Lake Tahoe, she also expresses her amazement at the amenities that came with her cabin, such as the heated driveway to melt away the snow and the fully-equipped kitchen. “It’s important that during a family vacation we can cook and eat together.”

As an avid traveller and frequent Airbnb user, Meg values the work Pillow does in managing short term rental homes to ensure both homeowners and guests are happy. For her, cleanliness is top priority in any rental space. Thankfully with a Pillow home, she can rest easy knowing that her team upholds the highest quality of cleaning standards in between guest stays.

Cheryl: “More character. More affordable. More valuable.”

For Cheryl, where she stays during a vacation is just as important as where she visits during her trip. “Hotels are boring. Travelling is meant for exploring beyond the common or typical.” As a result, Cheryl looks for personality when she searches for any type of accommodation.

So then where did Cheryl choose to stay when she recently visited Tulum Beach, Mexico? “We stayed at a bungalow on the beach. The beach was pretty much my front yard. I saw the sunrise and sunset from there every day.”

As a short term rental manager, Pillow helps homeowners share their unique homes to travellers from all over the world, including Cheryl. So as this rental market continues to grow, so too will the housing options for Cheryl to peruse before selecting her next vacation stay.


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