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Pillow is excited to introduce the ability for our homeowners to set an optional, custom base price for their listings!

Custom base pricing is useful for when you’d like to charge more or less than what the Pillow optimized pricing suggests.

Setting a custom base price allows you to anchor dynamic pricing for your property around a specific value, either higher or lower than our recommendation, and our dynamic pricing will update accordingly.

There is no action required if you’d prefer us to continue updating your pricing. If you choose not to set a custom base price, Pillow’s optimized pricing updates all of your listings daily.

In addition to the new custom base price option, Pillow will now collect Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) on your behalf. The tax amount is automatically set based on your area. However, with Pillow, you’re in control and are thereby able to customize this percentage based on tax considerations specific to your property.

We’ve been hard at work to make pricing and billing as seamless and effortless as possible for you. Read about our previous updates that are already live in your dashboard.

Like the new pricing options? Log-in to Pillow to view them in your dashboard or email us at insight [at] pillowhomes [dot] com to let us know what other pricing options are important to you!

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