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Guests who maintain five-star ratings significantly boost their chances of having their reservation inquiries confirmed, and confirmed quickly. Proving yourself as a desirable guest is a tried and tested way to guarantee you’ll be promptly considered by the host and seamlessly book that perfect rental. Keeping your ratings up is an ongoing process and there are numerous ways you can achieve the first-class rating that demands the attention of prospective hosts. Here are 3 simple tips.

Complete Your Booking Quickly

If a host has agreed to reserve your chosen dates, complete your booking quickly, as suggested by longtime hosts and guests, Atlas & Boots. A property that provides great value for money is probably more popular than you think. In the summer of 2015, more guests traveled with Airbnb than the entire population of Sweden, Greece or Switzerland! If you want to secure a dream rental, don’t wait around. Not only will you get to stay in an incredible property, but you’ll likely get five stars from the host, too.

Let Your Host Know If You’re Running Late

With Airbnb, reviews are a two-way street. Ninety-nine percent of travelers say they wouldn’t book a room in a rental with mostly negative reviews. And in the same vein, guests with a poor track record don’t make for a desirable reservation in the eyes of a potential host. To increase your Airbnb etiquette: Always provide your hosts with an estimated time of arrival and contact them if you’re running late. A simple message is sufficient and highly appreciated. It’s also a smart idea to provide hosts with your flight number so they, too, can keep an eye on your estimated arrival. This will give your hosts time to make arrangements and rearrange your check-in, if necessary.

Manage Your Expectations

Some guests expect the same service from an Airbnb rental as from a five-star hotel. There is no model or set of expectations when it comes to staying in an Airbnb property, and every host has a different style. Often this can be determined by assessing the host before booking and will set your expectations so you can enjoy the experience for what it is.

In a recent study, 91 percent of Airbnb travelers say they want to “live like a local,” eschewing room service and luxurious facilities for a more authentic experience.

And above all, earning a five-star review from a host can be as simple as expressing your gratitude, and coming across as being relaxed and happy while staying in your host’s property!

In summary, five-star reviews on your profile will set you apart from others interested in the same rental and can increase the likelihood of a confirmed reservation. Completing your booking on time, letting your host know if you’re running late, and managing your expectations can boost your Airbnb profile rankings and turbocharge your reputation as a reliable and considerate guest.

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