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The business travel market is an industry that’s worth more than $300 billion in the United States alone, and it’s no wonder Airbnb is placing greater emphasis on incentivizing business travelers. Hosts will now need to work harder to tempt travelers to their properties and Business Travel Ready status alone isn’t going to cut it.

A smart host will think outside the box and beyond satisfying the badge requirements to attract business travelers. Maximizing home office design in your rental space will serve your listing well and here’s how to do it.

Amp Up Your Home Office Design

Business travelers are particular and surveys show a smooth experience is a top priority for corporate travelers. They also crave clean rooms, hate lousy mattresses, and want reliable Wi-Fi. So pay attention to the details, make sure their needs are met, and you’ll see a steady stream of positive reviews roll in.

First, think about all the essentials that business travelers require when they’re on the road: a designated work space, a coffee maker, an ironing board, etc. Your basics, however, shouldn’t be so basic. Ask yourself – Is the chair comfortable? How about adjustable? Are there coffee grounds to go with that coffee maker? Is the iron going to get the job done quickly and sufficiently? A smooth and successful work day is going to be better for everyone involved.

Next, go the extra mile. Noisy office environments send stress levels soaring, so set up a workspace away from distractions like a busy road, a rattling washing machine, and annoying neighbors. A Bluetooth-enabled wireless speaker will also let guests listen to their favorite music and double as a tactic for combating undesirable interruptions.

Additionally, bright, natural light increases productivity and reduces eye strain, so create a workstation next to a big window or in a well-lit room. Your guests might thank you with a five-star review.

Then, finally, strike the right balance in your home and provide a separate relaxation space. Help your guests achieve the ultimate work-vacation balance and keep them from feeling stuck a work.

Add Workday Essentials to Your Workspace

Necessities that help facilitate the working day are often forgotten or overlooked in importance. Think plug points – 78 percent of business travelers take electrical gadgets like a portable projector or a grooming device with them on vacation. Ensure there are adequate outlets nearby the designated workstation or provide a power strip if the space is lacking. Supplying items like a universal cell phone charger, spare office supplies, and a laptop safe are going to be greatly appreciated when your guests realize these are available. These small touches could even generate a repeat reservation or two.

Kitting out your rental with must-have essentials and investing in workspace design puts you one step ahead of your rivals. Anything that makes the work-day (let alone a travel work-day) easier, won’t go overlooked.

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