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Knowing how to market your vacation rental is a skill that’ll give your Airbnb a leg up on the competition. With millennials favoring vacation rentals over other accommodation types, social media should be one of your first stops – specifically Facebook and Instagram. “Checking-in” on social media and adding locations to a post is common practice for most users and including your vacation rental to the list of options is a simple strategy that’s bound to get you noticed. Here’s how to add your custom location to Facebook – and Instagram, too.

The Benefits of a Custom Location

Almost 60 percent of Millennials post their vacation plans on social media. So, let your guests advertise for you with your custom location. Once a few posts tagging your vacation rental build up, you’re provided with another channel of reviews. Potential guests will have a peek inside your hosting style and get a glimpse of the joy others experienced while staying at your place. And you’ll get the added benefit of a living guestbook of sorts.

How to Add a Custom Location to Facebook

Instagram is owned by Facebook. When you create the custom location tag on Facebook, it’s automatically available for Instagram.

Step 1

In order to add a new custom location tag, you’ll have to either choose an existing published photo or post a new one that you’d like to be associated with the new tag. Note: this must be done from Facebook’s desktop interface.

How to add a custom location on InstagramOnce the photo is selected, click the “Add Location” option to the right of the photo.

How to add a custom location on Facebook
As you’re creating a new location, you’ll write in the complete name of your vacation rental, exactly as you’d like it to appear to others. In the example pictured above, “Pillow HQ” is the new custom location tag.

Step 2

Select “Add place ‘Pillow HQ’” and then “Done Editing.” That’s it! It’s that easy!

The Trick to Making It Work

The trickiest part will be deciding on a name for your vacation rental. Try to come up with something unique that’s not only descriptive but also conveys emotion.

For example:

  • Redwood Escape Vacation Rental
  • Relaxing River Retreat
  • Heaven on Third
  • Beachside Bliss Vacation Home

This second trick will help bring awareness to your new custom location. Add it to your listing description and property guide so prospective guests will see it and all booked guests will be reminded to tag it when they visit. If the user’s location services are turned on, they’ll automatically see the location pop up when they tag a location.

Bonus Tip:

Don’t forget to use the location tag yourself! Take the opportunity to showcase a new amenity, a cool welcome gift, or that great sunset photo from your balcony – anything that will help potential guests click to book.

Give it a try and see what you think. There’s no risk involved. If it doesn’t work, no one except you is the wiser!

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