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SEATTLE,WA (April 2018) – We are excited to announce Pillow’s new partnership with Blanton Turner.

Blanton Turner, one of Seattle’s most prestigious boutique apartment building managers with over 80 multifamily and mixed-use buildings, will be the first in Seattle to participate in Pillow’s program. Blanton Turner recently rolled out a pilot version of the program at six buildings with plans to expand Pillow’s program to other buildings over the next several months.

Seattle has seen Airbnb listings skyrocket to over 9,000 listings. That is more than 55% increase from the previous year. What makes this partnership even more meaningful is that the year over year increase in listings for apartments is 80%. The residents in apartment buildings are getting into the home-sharing game at a much increased pace.

With this partnership, Blanton Turner will have access to Pillow’s suite of services, including the tools and dashboards necessary to obtain all information about Airbnb activity in their buildings. Pillow, a preferred Airbnb partner, enables residents to rent out their units on Airbnb for short terms in exchange for sharing some of the revenue with their landlords. This extra revenue for landlords and management alike can be used to finance amenity upgrades in their apartment buildings. Pillow also works to educate property owners about the value of home-sharing as well as create tailored lease addendums to further support compliant short-term rentals.

“Demand for home sharing among renters keeps growing, and we anticipate a day when Pillow will be on every renters’ checklist as a must-have, alongside amenities like air conditioning or high-speed internet,” said Sean Conway, CEO of Pillow.

Blanton Turner also seemed excited at the idea of a structured short-term rental program.

We are excited to work together with Blanton Turner to introduce home-sharing in a way that meaningfully impacts our Seattle communities. As a company, Pillow strongly believes in opening doors to new opportunities for everyone, including access to nice, and otherwise expensive apartments. We are confident that this partnership will help us carry out our company’s mission and bring the home-sharing economy to everyone.

If you own a multi-family complex or management company and are interested in providing short-term rentals, email or visit

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