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Oscar winner, Olympic medalist, heavyweight champion of the world: Some titles are synonymous with renowned stature. They tell the world you’ve made it and that you’re a cut above the rest. While “Airbnb Superhost” might not have the same prestige as “Nobel Peace Prize Winner,” this honor can work wonders if you want your listing to be noticed by the platform’s 60+ million users!

The Perks of Being a Superhost

The Superhost program, launched in 2009, recognizes hosts who deliver first-class service and provide unparalleled customer satisfaction. Once you’ve met the requirements, you receive a nifty Superhost badge in the corner of your Airbnb profile, priority support from the company, and product exclusives like previewing new releases or attending exclusive events. After a year, you also get travel coupons.

While Airbnb competitors like HomeAway have featured listings that increase exposure, becoming an Airbnb Superhost comes with a particular cache in the hospitality industry. In fact, some Superhosts have become go-to thought leaders in their local area and can be hired to host other local properties.

Think of a Superhost badge as the ultimate endorsement of your excellence.

Requirements to Be a Superhost

Airbnb loves hosts who respond to customers within 24 hours and have an accurate listing.

There are 4 major areas in which you’ll need to excel. First, you’ll need a high response rate – Superhosts respond to guests quickly and have a response rate of at least 90 percent. Second, maintain a low cancellation percentage. Canceling a reservation jeopardizes your standing. Third, at least 80 percent of your reviews must be five-star ratings. And lastly, you’ll need to complete at least 10 reservations in your listings over the course of a year.

Your home should also be furnished to an excellent standard, and any amenities advertised in your listing should be available to guests when they arrive.

A Superhost’s Challenges

When you’re a Superhost, you’ll need to go above and beyond to provide your guests with a great experience. Keep your listing updated, ensure quality cleanings, leave a review for each guest, respond politely to complaints, and connect with other hosts.

Becoming a Superhost isn’t easy – you need to provide A-list hospitality and superstar service; ­but the coveted title will bump you up in Airbnb’s search rankings and quickly improve the visibility of your rental. The result? More exposure, more bookings, and more moolah.

Want to know where you’re headed and how far you have to go? You can track your progress through your Airbnb dashboard in the Superhost tab. Airbnb assesses your Superhost status quarterly, but the Superhost section creates transparency and allows you to see your current status.

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