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From Twitter verification marks to LinkedIn Recruiter Certification, digital badges and virtual stamps have the power to make your profile stand out from the masses. If you’ve spent more than a few minutes on Airbnb, you’ve likely seen the shiny blue briefcase badge on some listings.

The Business Travel Ready badge is the ultimate emblem of business traveler excellence for the lodging giant. And with Airbnb rapidly ramping up their Corporate & Business Travel program, business travelers are flocking to the platform and using short term rentals in lieu of hotels. Getting one of these elusive badges is easier than you think and you’re probably meet most of the requirements already.

A Cut Above the Rest

A Business Travel Ready badge shows up in Airbnb search results when prospective guests scour through the platform. To guests, the badge confirms expectations of standards and amenities. It’s also a filterable option, so you can bet any experienced business traveler is going to filter for these verified properties. The last thing these travelers want is a surprise.

To get a briefcase badge of your own, your property needs to be equipped with the right amenities that makes business travel a breeze. That means Wi-Fi, a laptop-friendly workspace, an iron, hangers, shampoo, a hair dryer and all the other must-have essentials, such as toilet paper and clean towels, that business guests expect when they travel.

Airbnb is also big on guest safety. The platform requires hosts to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their homes before it will even consider them for a badge. This year, Airbnb is giving away 25,000 detectors for free, so it’s no excuse for your property not to be equipped.

Idle and Wavering Hosts Need Not Apply

To qualify for Business Travel Ready status, 60 percent of your reviews need to have five-star ratings. Speedy response times are also important; you need to respond to 90 percent of booking requests within 24 hours. Also, hosts need to provide a seven-day pledge to customers, a measure that demonstrates their commitment to customer service. If a host cancels a booking within seven days of a confirmed check-in date, they won’t be eligible for a badge for one year.

Make your Home a Value-add

Business travelers tend to extend their trip and stay for longer in a rental property than they would in a hotel room. Your Airbnb badge might attract these lucrative leads but providing a well thought-out and comfortable home-away-from-home for these travelers can help ensure repeat bookings.

You home, however, needs to abide by some strict house rules. Airbnb requires Business Travel Ready listings to be smoke- and pet-free. The platform says the rule is in place to ensure business travelers know what to expect when they stay in an Airbnb rental.

You’ll also need to make sure your home is cleaned and well-maintained before your guest arrives. If you don’t have the time to maintain your property, Pillow can do all the hard work for you.

Think Outside the Box

Airbnb has always had 24-hour check-in conditions, but it has recently updated these requirements. A host no longer has to physically be on the property when a guest arrives; a lock box, doorman, or other keyless entry will suffice. Here at Pillow, our smart lock entry system lets your guests securely enter your property anytime. Airbnb also updated their 24-hour check-in definition to include a designated check-in time. Guest can now check-in anytime after your set check-in time. Hosts who offer this new 24-hour check-in option are one step closer to achieving Business Travel Ready status.

Having a Business Travel Ready badge can increase your visibility in Airbnb search listings and help you convert prospects into paying guests. Meeting the requirements is pretty easy and most hosts are probably already almost there. By updating your amenities, providing 24-hour check-in, and being a quality host, you’ll easily be eligible for one of Airbnb’s highest accolades and reap rewards in the process.

By Michelle Giuliano

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