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Standards and expectations are on the rise. Your guests expect a certain degree of thoughtfulness and customer service out of your short term rental. Help your guests enjoy their stay by providing these top seven, practically must-have amenities, in your vacation rental.

1. Free Wi-Fi

Your guests want to stay connected, especially on vacation. In a 2014 Skift survey, free Wi-Fi was the number-one item travelers wanted. Posting photos, tweeting and staying in touch through social media is a constant in today’s world, and staying connected during business trips is equally important. Guests would expect Wi-Fi options if they had chosen a hotel, so don’t leave them to use up their data on their monthly plans while staying in your vacation rental.

2. Iron and Ironing Board

Having wrinkle-free clothing away from home shouldn’t have to be difficult. Whether it’s to look their best for a meeting or freshen up their outfit before a night out on the town, having these items handy will iron out your guests’ plans nicely. If space is limited, opt for a travel-size ironing board that can be stored in the closet and set up as needed.

3. Hair dryer

Almost as important as that morning cup of coffee or tea, your guests want to start their day off right. Perfecting a hairstyle starts with the basics, but hair dryers are bulky to carry around in luggage. Vacationers and business travelers alike will appreciate a hair dryer for morning or last-minute prepping.

4. Universal Charging Station

With all the various devices available today, it’s a struggle for travelers to remember all the necessary cords to charge smartphones, tablets, laptops and other connected devices. A universal charging station will be a welcome addition to any stay. You never know which brands and devices your guests will bring, but a universal charging station will rev up their power regardless of the type.

5. Toiletries

Providing your guests with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion is a great way to show them you care. Samples from a local spa or a nicely arranged gift basket on the bathroom counter is always a welcome addition.

6. Workout Options

Just because your guests are away it doesn’t mean they’ll want to forego their workouts. You don’t have to build a backyard pool or outfit a room with the latest gym machines, but providing a basic workout kit with a set of light dumbbells, some rubber banding, a kettle ball and a mat will give your guests everything they need for a quick workout. Business travelers, especially, are looking to stay healthy while they travel.

Not interested in providing these? Leave a list of local gyms that have day passes in your house manual. Map out great running routes. Or suggest local physical activities like bike rentals, hiking trails, walking tours, and rock climbing.

7. Keyless Entry

Save your guests (and yourself) precious time with keyless entry. No more meet-ups for pick up or drop off, and keyless entry means no more lost keys, either! Because a keyless system like August Smart Locks uses a key code, your guests receive a unique code that’s only enabled during their stay. And even though you aren’t meeting them at the door, you can still surprise them with a welcome gift. A sample of chocolate, wine or coffee from the local shops lets them see the local economy and experience the community.

By providing these simple yet appreciated amenities, keeping your guests connected, charged up and looking good is easy. For best results, include your amenities in the rental’s listing to attract more bookings.

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