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A huge 76% of consumers view customer service as the true test of how much they’re valued by a business. The short term rental industry has a similar sentiment: Go above and beyond for your guests and expect a boost in ratings, bookings, and revenue. It’s that simple, right? Not always. If you lack the time, resources, or know-how to provide first class service, a management company can do the hard work for you. Here are four common complaints and how a professional management company, like Pillow, can help you conquer them.

1. ‘Clean’ Isn’t Clean Enough

Cleanliness is subjective. Think your rental is spotless? A guest might disagree! The first thing a guest does upon arrival is check for cleanliness. Dust on the floor, dirty windows, and scuffs and grime on floorboards are areas often overlooked by an owner and can impact the guest’s review of your home. The solution? Leave it to the experts. Hire a professional cleaner. Listing platforms like Airbnb allow you to charge guests a fee for cleaning, so hiring a professional is a no-brainer. Here at Pillow, we have a network of cleaning partners who will ensure your property is properly cleaned before a guest stays in your home. Our cleaners are rated by guests to guarantee your rooms are fresh, tidy and immaculate.

2. Poor Response Times

Airbnb displays your average response time – the normal time it takes for you to reply to a guest who is interested in your rental – on your profile. Speeding up your response time could lead to more inquiries. In fact, host responsiveness elevates the placement of listings on Airbnb’s search results page. A 90% response rate also checks off one of 4 requirements for becoming a Superhost.  Currently taking too long to respond? Beware. Your Airbnb host listing could be deactivated if you consistently take more than seven days to pre-approve an inquiry.

Here’s another frightening statistic for hosts: 57% percent of travelers looking for a rental online will go elsewhere if they haven’t had a response within 24 hours. Taking too long to resolve issues like a broken toilet or leaky faucet can also reflect poorly on you as a host. Today, guests expect you to fix a problem and fix it fast. Having a professional property management team to handle these requests eliminates the problem. Here at Pillow, we have a 24/7 guest support team who will respond to customers promptly, making sure you never lose out on a booking and guests are happy during their stay.

3. Key Exchange is a Pain

Let’s face it: Key exchange can be a hassle for both you and your guest. A customer might need to travel across town to pick up the keys to your vacation rental, or you might have agreed to meet guests at your property, only to find out they’re running an hour late. And what happens when they get locked out during their stay – you have to go let them in.

Some property management companies will help with this, but not all. At Pillow we’ve learned smart locking systems are the way to go and we’ve teamed up with August Locks to make check-in easier. August provides safe, speedy, and secure access to your rental and reduces frustration from lockouts and arranging check-ins.

4. Incomplete or Inaccurate Listings

Grainy photos? No directions? Vague or outdated listing descriptions? If this is you, guests view these listings as a sign of host unreliability that transfers over to their stay, jeopardizing your booking rate. Optimizing your listing so it accurately portrays your property can boost your reputation, set expectations, and reduce complaints. Pillow employs a team that professionally writes your listing, complete with professional photos and an in-depth description of your rental, to generate new leads and send your sales into the stratosphere.

Want to increase bookings and retention rates? Pillow provides a comprehensive service that takes care of your guests from the second they inquire about your property to the moment they check out. Our team can optimize your listing on sites like Airbnb and our cleaning partners will ensure your property is in tip-top shape for every guest.

By: Michelle Giuliano

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